Making the Mixer Stand

Mixer Stand

I got Flo a mixer for Christmas one year. One of the big problems with a mixer is the need to store it someplace out of the way, which means it has to be moved and set up before it can be used. My solution was a Mixer Stand – the alternative was a kitchen remodel, which we’re not ready to tackle yet.

All the wood in the mixer stand is original 100 year old Doug Fir 2x4s (old style, meaning it measures roughly 2” x 4”) which came from our attic bedroom, pulled out as part of the bedroom remodel. The physical connection between the house and the Mixer Stand was too good to pass up.

Mixer Stand In this shot of the Mixer Stand, notice how the grain is consistent for the full length of the top. The top was made from three 2x4s laminated together, then the wings were cut off (with two cuts, one from the top and the other at 45 ° from below - anything to avoid a clunky square edge).

The support arms swing out to support the wings when the Mixer Stand is in use. There's a wedge shape underneath the wings that rests on the support arms. That ensures a tight fit, even as the wood changes with ambient humidity and wear and tear.

The shelves and other thinner pieces of wood were cut from the same 2x4s as the rest of the piece, laminated together as needed.

Unfinished Mixer Stand

Here’s the mixer stand before it was finished.

  • The legs taper to the bottom
  • It's on wheels (and is sturdy enough not to need brakes, even when running unattended)
  • The ends of the wings are shaped
  • The shelves are removable for cleaning
  • Metal is only used for the hinges and wheels, all other wood parts are simply glued together
  • The piece was finished with Butcher Block Oil (it's a food prep area, could be used for cutting, and I didn't want a hard shiny surface)

Here are a couple more shots.

Mixer Stand Mixer Stand

All photographs © Neil Robertson, all right reserved.