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Welcome to my website. The picture is of me (Neil), Flo (my wife), and NeilLand (our 100 year old Craftsman house in the San Francisco Bay Area).

I am a computer software professional with decades in the business, mainly working on Fortune 500 capable ERP software (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, etc). Please click here to see my resume.

I am a diver with a passion for underwater photography. Click here for some of the images I've been privileged to take over the years.

I like to build my own furniture. It allows me a freedom of design that's rarely found in the corporate world and it is very satisfying to me to know I made something myself. Click here to explore some of the pieces I've built.

Every Easter Saturday, we get together with a group of friends to decorate Easter Eggs, then on Sunday there's the Easter Egg Hunt. For some reason, I've been taking pictures of some of the eggs for the past dozen or so years. Click here for some of the fantastic and surreal creations I've documented over the years.


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