Neil's calendars: Underwater California

I take lots of pictures underwater, a place most people never visit. One of the advantages of that is that my pictures make perfect gifts for people - they're unique gifts that are a part of me and people tend to like them. Most of the greeting cards I've sent in the last 20 years have been underwater shots, for example.

Round about 2001 I started making calendars of underwater shots and those were well received, so I continued. To begin with, I got blank calendars from Photographer's Edge and manually attached 13 prints - one for the cover and one for each month. It was a lot of work but well worthwhile. The calendars were quite small, enough for a 4"x6" print, but that proved to be their strength - wallet or briefcase sized, they were easy to tote around. I still use blank card stock from them for once off greeting cards - they're a good company.

Then one day I discovered the joys (and frustrations) of digital printing. I use a company called Instant Publisher to publish my calendars. I create them in Word, convert them to a PDF, upload them, and receive a big box of calendars in 4-6 weeks. It's quite economical, costing less than the blank calendars I used to get from Photographer's Edge.

The calendars are 5.5" x 8.5" and come with a wire binder so they stay flat. Since I'm just using Word, I type out the daily grid for each month by hand. I also adjust the depth of each row depending on whether there are 4, 5, or 6 rows for a month (I decided that each day of the month has its own square - no sharing).

I've included the last few years worth of calendars below as PDFs, which will open in a separate window or tab. Each calendar is in three parts: the front cover, the main calendar body, and the rear cover.

2016 Calendar

2015 Calendar

2014 Calendar

2013 Calendar

2012 Calendar

2011 Calendar

2010 Calendar

2009 Calendar

2008 Calendar

All photographs © Neil Robertson, all right reserved.

All photographs © Neil Robertson, all right reserved.